"The Prophet ﷺ declared the payment of Sadaqatul Fitr as obligatory; it purifies the fasting person from any indecent act or speech, and is a source of feeding the poor." [Abu Dawud]

Sadaqatul Fitr (also called Zakatul Fitr) is an obligatory charity for every Muslim who possess the Nisāb*, a minimum amount of wealth. It must be paid before Eid-ul-Fitr, before the end of Ramadan.

Every person eligible to pay any of these amounts must pay not only for himself but also for his dependants, such as his children. If after knowing the Shari’i amount a person wishes to give more, then he can do so inshaAllah.

Note: For your Zakat to be considered fulfilled completely please ensure to cover and pay the transaction processor fees in addition to your donation.


·        Wheat - $3.50

·        Barley - $11.50

·        Raisins - $26

·        Dates - $30

*Nisāb refers to the threshold a person must be below to be eligible for zakāh. There are two categories of nisāb, 87.47 grams of gold or 612.35 grams of silver. The Institute will adopt the nisāb of gold when considering zakāh eligibility.

[Section 4.1.2 Najam Zakat Policy] Learn more about Zakah: Najam Zakah Policy

total amount required
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Sadaqatul Al Fitr 2024

The amounts that are designated are based off of local pricing, the least amount obligatory for the fulfilment of Sataqatul Fitr. The time of giving fitra is up until Salahtul Eid.

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Feeding the hungry, giving food to the needy, and helping people with their needs are all good deeds that can earn us a place in Paradise.