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Sponsor a Refugee /Orphan

Secure another form of ongoing charity by sponsoring a refugee or orphan

Islamic High School In Kentucky

Help build the first Islamic High School in Kentucky.  Let’s save the ummah together!

“Glad tidings be for the one whom Allah uses as a key for opening good and a lock for evil.”
Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith 238

Your zakat Distributed where it matters

Najam Zakat runs under the supervision of Islamic Scholars & Muftis.

Along with being an obligation and a means of purifying one's wealth, Zakat is a way for Muslims to help others in the ummah who may be financially struggling. Unlike other forms of charity and financial assistance, however, Zakat has many conditions and specific rules that must be followed to be valid. Unfortunately, many charity organizations have treated Zakat like other optional donations and have not diligently ensured Zakat funds are stored and used correctly. Furthermore, a lack of transparency has made it difficult for average Muslims to ensure their obligation of Zakat is legitimately and optimally fulfilled.

For this reason, Najam Institute has decided to have a clear Zakat policy so donors can know how the Institution will handle their Zakat funds. This will help create transparency and a chance to receive feedback for future improvements.

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Feeding the hungry, giving food to the needy, and helping people with their needs are all good deeds that can earn us a place in Paradise.