Plates of Peace: Hot Meals Food Drive

Help us host the largest hot meals food drive this year!

This campaign will collect funds until June 30th, 2024

Campaign Goal

Join our heartfelt mission to orchestrate the most memorable hot meals food drive of the year! Our ambitious target? To serve 5,000 healthy, halal hot meals this year!

Feast of Compassion

We dream of serving 5,000 warm, nourishing meals to those in our community facing the hardest of times.

To bring this dream into reality, we deeply require your generous support.

Picture the smiles, the sighs of relief, and the boundless gratitude your contribution will manifest. Together, we have the power to write an extraordinary chapter of compassion and unity.

Help us turn our ambitious vision into hope and love that reaches every corner of our community. Your kindness is the key to unlocking a future where no one is left hungry, where every meal is a testament to what we can achieve when hearts and hands come together.

  • Alleviate Suffering: Every dish we share is a hug, a gesture that we're here for one another, in the mission to ensure no one battles hunger alone.
  • Ignite Hope: In the darkest moments, a warm meal shines as a beacon of hope, a reminder that compassion and solidarity thrive in our community.
  • Unite in Purpose: This effort is a celebration of togetherness, a testament to the strength and warmth of our collective spirit.
  • Spread Love and Understanding: Every meal is an invitation to the table of humanity, extending the principles of Islamic generosity and kindness, touching hearts, and changing perceptions.

Join our movement, together, we'll illuminate countless lives with the fire of compassion, showing the world the incredible power of collective action and tenderheartedness.

Plates of Peace

Fill a Plate, Fill a Heart

‘Whoever saves one (life) - it is as if he had saved all of humanity’ - The Noble Quraan Surah (5): Al Ma'idah: Ayah 35

Plates of Peace, an initiative of Najam Institute, serves as a key instrument in mitigating hunger within our community. Our mission exceeds beyond just that, it functions as an effective medium for Islamic Dawah, guiding individuals towards the enlightened path of Islam.

Since the start of our food drive we have served over 10,000 families and individuals, furthermore just in 2024 we have witnessed the conversion of over 11 individuals to Islam.

Each plate we distribute represents our community's solidarity, empathy, and commitment to mutual care - a profound exhibition of our faith.

More than satisfying physical hunger, Plates of Peace seeks to address the spiritual craving for truth, purpose, and divine connection.

By supporting this initiative, you aid in propagating the teachings of Islam and sparking the flame of faith in numerous hearts.

Join us in our mission to end hunger and spread the light of Islam.

Najam Institute is an greater Atlanta area based non-profit organization which focuses on the wellbeing of the community around us. To achieve this goal we focus on brining together our youth and those seeking knowledge so that we all have a safe, supportive environment to learn and thrive in.

March 5th

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