Help Orphan's in Kenya

This campaign will collect funds until June 30th, 2024

Campaign Goal

Help support orphan children in Kenya. Providing orphans with healthcare, education, shelter & food security. Let’s save the ummah together!

Empowering Kenyan Orphans

Every 5 minutes an orphan child is being abandoned in Kenya. With one of the world’s largest orphan crises, Kenya has been neglected and needs help. With children being abandoned by their parents & dropped off at local authorities; most of these children won’t make it due to the lack of resources. Children are often born with preexisting health conditions including being HIV positive.

These orphans are also victims of sexual abuse with some children being deflowered by the age of 2. With no food, home or healthcare security these children will be removed of a successful future.

We Need Your Help!

We have created a refugee center for orphans in Kenya providing daily meals, housing, healthcare & even free education. We are also providing these children with vocational skills so that they can be able to provide a better future for themselves as they attain adulthood. We provide security to these orphans from sexual predators & other members of society who are looking to harm these precious children.

In this refugee center, orphans will be able to obtain a quality islamic education allowing them to not only study secular subjects but to also memorize Quran in the process.

Daily meals are provided for these children so they never need to worry about their next meal.

Healthcare is provided so these children can live a safe healthy life. Orphans are also provided housing so they no longer need to live in the streets being exposed to all types of violent & dangerous threats.

March 5th

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