Taraweeh in Times Square!

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Save the Date! March 10th, 2024 to partake in the reward of Taraweeh in Times Square. Receive a reward for all benefit & goodness that comes out of this event.

Every salah, every Quran & dawah given in this night, you will have a share as we give dawah in a historic manner.

Join us in the reward & donate as little as $5

How can you support?

Our initiative to host Taraweeh in Times Square is not just a gathering—it's a historic statement of peace, unity, and the beauty of faith in one of the world's most famous urban centers.

Taraweeh prayer, held during the holy month of Ramadan, is a special ritual for Muslims around the globe. It embodies a time for reflection, community, and deepening one's relationship with Allah (SWT).

This sacred month is not only about personal purification and spiritual growth but also about strengthening community bonds. By hosting this event, we intend to build bridges of communities, encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of Muslim principles among diverse populations with a global audience.

However, bringing this vision to life requires support from people like you.

We need your help!


Your contributions will go towards securing the necessary permits, ensuring safety measures, and facilitating the organization of this significant event.

Every dollar counts, and even a modest donation of $5 can make a profound difference. Donate today and become a part of this monumental event.


Help us spread the word by sharing information about this campaign on social media, within your local communities, and amongst friends and family. The more awareness we build, the larger the impact we can make.

Join us in this unique opportunity to showcase the spirit of Taraweeh at the crossroads of the world. Your support, whether through donations, or sharing our message, is invaluable. Together, we can create a night of worship and unity that will be remembered for years to come.

March 5th

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